We make, change, and mobilize public opinion


Government Relations

Drive winning arguments.

Crestview Strategy effectively represents the interests of corporations, not-for-profits and industry associations to achieve results with governments around the world.

No longer is a winning outcome based on ‘who you know’ or the ‘magic meeting’. It is about contributing to the policy process, presenting a case that is supported by authentic community voices, verified impact and compelling insight. And getting in front of the right decision makers and opinion leaders to make that case.


Digital, campaigns and mobilization

Drive winning engagement.

We build and run campaigns that mobilize support and impact change for both political and corporate clients.

Mobilization campaigns are premised on the simple fact that for elected officials, the single most influential voice in shaping their decision is that of their local voters, influencers, and community leaders.

The benefits of mobilization go beyond just a one-off campaign. The long-term goal of mobilization is to increase engagement potential, provide greater value for members, and to increase the share of voice and influence outcomes.


Strategic Communications

Market and crisis communications that drives winning the day.

We develop strategy for clients using a deliberative or adversarial model, modelling arguments not as they would exist in a marketing and communications environment in the pursuit of market share, but in the chaotic and aggressive world of campaigns.

How you tell your story and where you tell it is often the difference in successfully changing opinion, defending your interests, obtaining approval and mobilizing stakeholders.


Insight and Research

Better data drives winning insights.

We design and execute deliberative research programs that inform and provide insight into clients’ most critical decisions.

Following a disciplined set of principles, Crestview Strategy has experience in numerous qualitative and quantitative techniques for effectively measuring opinions among key audiences and, in particular, using research to identify when and how opinions can be leveraged and mobilized for their greatest impact.

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