Mobilization campaigns are premised on the simple fact that for elected officials, the single most influential voice in shaping their decision is that of their local voters, influencers, and community leaders.

A winning campaign strategy is determined by research and the tactics are dependent on both costings and on relevance of target. It is a multi-stage process that begins by identifying potential activists through some form of low-cost contact, like automated calls, targeted digital advertising or list acquisition. The benefits of mobilization go beyond just a one-off campaign. The long-term goal of mobilization is to increase engagement potential, provide greater value for members, and to increase the share of voice and influence outcomes.

Our National Practice Lead

Crestview Strategy’s key to successful mobilization campaigns is to preserve the authenticity of each person we engage and activate. Everyone who agrees to participate in our campaign is an individual. This is facilitated by a proprietary set of digital tools that find and activate individuals that meet the demographic and psychographic target our clients need to engage, and a campaign management platform that tracks and moves individuals along an activist journey – eventually mobilizing them to take action in support of our client’s campaign objectives.
— Joseph Lavoie, National Practice Lead

Joseph leads Crestview’s national campaigns and digital mobilization practice.

He has more than a decade of campaign and public affairs experience, joining Crestview after years of honing his craft on political and advocacy campaigns in the United States, Canada, and abroad.

Our Campaign Team

  Meena Aier         Data Analyst

Meena Aier Data Analyst

  Jessica Brown  Designer

Jessica Brown Designer

  Celine Chang  Consultant

Celine Chang

  Jennifer Babcock  Consultant

Jennifer Babcock

  Alex Chreston  Consultant

Alex Chreston

  Jason Clark  Senior Consultant

Jason Clark
Senior Consultant

  Jordan Devon  Campaign Strategist

Jordan Devon
Campaign Strategist

  Grant Goldberg  Analyst

Grant Goldberg

  Gabriela Gonzalez  Consultant

Gabriela Gonzalez

  Lucas Malinowski  Consultant

Lucas Malinowski

  Christine McMillan  Partner

Christine McMillan

  Frank Parker  Consultant

Frank Parker

  Sarina Rehal  Senior Consultant

Sarina Rehal
Senior Consultant

  Chad Rogers  Partner

Chad Rogers

  Mark Spiro  Partner

Mark Spiro


Our Products and Services



We have developed a proprietary mobilization platform from the ground up because off-the-shelf options do not provide sufficient data ownership. Mobilizer™ can plug into your existing assets while adhering to modern privacy and consent requirements.


Experiment Sprints™

We apply our proprietary market-testing approach to every campaign, letting the public tell us who to mobilize, how, and with with what message. We go straight to market, optimizing the campaign with reliable sample sizes and authentic feedback.


Advocacy Amplification™

Amplify your advocacy day by targeting our curated databases of influential audiences including media, party insiders, and decision makers across all platforms and devices. We amplify your message with the right people.


Impression Impact™

What impression do decision makers get about your organization when they conduct research about you or your issue? We can assess those impressions and identity a path to ensure you are making the right impact and owning your issue.


List-Building Campaigns

Healthy voter and contact databases are important backbones for modern advocacy campaigns. We have decades of experience targeting and activating the audience segments that matter to your cause or movement. It’s what gets us out of bed every morning.


Investor Campaigns

We can use targeted advertising for activist campaigns and investor relations. We apply similar strategies and tactics that have helped us build winning movements in politics and public affairs, giving you the same level of precision and mobilization.