Crestview Strategy effectively represents the interests of corporations, not-for-profits and industry associations to achieve results on their behalf at every level of government in Canada. 

We welcome the changes to the rules that now govern the government relations industry across Canada.  The new higher standard that regulates access to information and political contributions have fundamentally changed the public policy dialogue and improved how citizens, companies and associations advocate their interests to elected representatives.

No longer is a winning outcome based on ‘who you know’ or the ‘magic meeting’.  It is about contributing to the policy process, presenting a case that is supported by authentic community voices, verified impact and compelling insight.  And getting in front of the right decision makers and opinion leaders to make that case.

Our National Practice Lead

The Government Relations practice at Crestview Strategy is driven to mitigate risk and uncover opportunities for our clients. Some of the largest companies in the world, most trusted brands and high-profile industries rely on the team at Crestview Strategy to advise, support and represent them to elected officials and key stakeholders in Ottawa, in every provincial capital in Canada and increasingly at City Halls in every part of the nation. We are proud of the work we do and we are driven to win on behalf of our clients.
— Ginny Roth, National Practice Lead

Ginny Roth is the national practice lead for Crestview’s government relations practice. Ginny is a former party organizer and staffer.

She serves national trade organizations and corporate clients with a specific focus in the disruptive economy space, helping them navigate the regulatory and legislative challenges that exist with new market entry.

Our Experienced Practitioners

Ashton Arsenault  Senior Consultant

Ashton Arsenault
Senior Consultant

Marina Banister  Consultant

Marina Banister

Andrew Brander  Senior Consultant

Andrew Brander
Senior Consultant

Celine Chang  Consultant

Celine Chang

Melissa Caouette  Practice Lead, Western Canada

Melissa Caouette
Practice Lead, Western Canada

Alex Chreston  Consultant

Alex Chreston

Jason Clark  Senior Consultant

Jason Clark
Senior Consultant

Hal Danchilla  Partner

Hal Danchilla

Jordan Devon  Campaign Strategist

Jordan Devon
Campaign Strategist

Grant Golberg  Consultant

Grant Golberg

Gabriela Gonzalez  Consultant

Gabriela Gonzalez

Susie Heath  Senior Consultant

Susie Heath
Senior Consultant

Michael Lohner  Partner

Michael Lohner

Christine McMillan  Partner

Christine McMillan

Kate Moseley-Williams  Consultant

Kate Moseley-Williams

Dan Moulton  Senior Consultant

Dan Moulton
Senior Consultant

Blake Oliver  Consultant

Blake Oliver

Sarina Rehal  Senior Consultant

Sarina Rehal
Senior Consultant

Chad Rogers  Partner

Chad Rogers

Patricia Sibal  Consultant

Patricia Sibal

Jaskaran Singh Sandhu  Senior Consultant

Jaskaran Singh Sandhu
Senior Consultant

Mark Spiro  Partner

Mark Spiro


Our Products and Services

Strategic Planning

We run war games and analysis tools which take the political environment and issue landscape into account to chart government relations strategies. We develop master narratives and advocacy project plans designed to make the best possible case to decision-makers to make change for our clients.

Engagement Plans

We develop ambitious engagement plans for clients which take circles of influence into account, targeting not only today’s decision makers but those who influence them. Our plans are designed to make the advocacy case with the political context of the day and target audience in mind leading to enhanced partnerships with government and winning public policy outcomes.

Actionable Intelligence

We deploy social and mainstream media and legislative tracking tools and proprietary methodology coupled with on-the-ground intelligence gathering to ensure clients are ahead of breaking news in high-stakes decision-making environments.


Advocacy Days

We apply a tested Advocacy Day model to achieve high-impact advocacy on a short timeline on Parliament Hill and at Legislatures across the country. We execute advocacy days as a project for clients seeking to have maximum influence in one or two days or as part of a broader strategy for clients committed to long-term advocacy and relationship building.


Association and Coalition Development

We increase and multiply influence by developing shared and alternative voices in the public policy area. We build consensus among stakeholders to have greater advocacy impact with government and the public. We guide associations toward priority-setting to achieve winning advocacy outcomes.


Stakeholder Mapping and Management

We track, manage and influence allied stakeholders and opponent advocates to build coalitions of support and account for counter-narratives. We achieve winning advocacy outcomes by developing partnerships, aligning voices and mitigating opposing influences.

Reputational Asset Management

We advise corporate brands and trade associations on how best to deploy their assets to extract reputational and brand-building value from public affairs opportunities such as speaking opportunities, event sponsorships, strategic partnerships, association memberships and corporate social responsibility.