Crestview Strategy designs and executes deliberative research programs that inform and provide insight into clients’ most critical decisions.

Following a disciplined set of principles, Crestview Strategy has experience in numerous qualitative and quantitative techniques for effectively measuring opinions among key audiences and, in particular, using research to identify when and how opinions can be leveraged and mobilized for their greatest impact.

Our Insight and Research Team

Meena Aier  Data Analyst

Meena Aier
Data Analyst

Ashton Arsenault  Consultant

Ashton Arsenault

Celine Chang  Consultant

Celine Chang

Alex Chreston  Consultant

Alex Chreston

Jordan Devon  Campaign Strategist

Jordan Devon
Campaign Strategist

G rant Goldberg  Analyst

Grant Goldberg

Frank Parker  Senior Campaign Strategist

Frank Parker
Senior Campaign Strategist

Chad Rogers  Partner

Chad Rogers

Mark Spiro  Partner

Mark Spiro