Dan Moulton

John Oakley Show: Dan Moulton Discusses The SNC-Lavalin Scandal

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"When you secretly tape conversations with public servants and leak them to the media at the desire and intent of undermining your leader, you're out of the caucus" 

Dan Moulton joins John Oakley on 640 Toronto to discuss the removal of Jody Wilson-Raybould and Jane Philpott from the Liberal caucus.

Power & Politics: Dan Moulton Reacts To Quebec's Bill 21

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"The government is on the wrong side of history. This is a discriminatory piece of legislation; and I think it represents the worst kind of politics."

Senior Consultant, Dan Moulton gave his take on Quebec's controversial Bill 21 last night on CBC's Power & Politics.

Power & Politics: Dan Moulton Discusses Brian Jean's Potential To Politics

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Senior Consultant, Dan Moulton discussing Brian Jean's potential return to politics. "Brian Jean and Maxime Bernier represent the same problem for united conservative parties in Canada... They represent a challenge for mainstream leaders or more mainstream leaders like Jason Kenney or Andrew Scheer in holding that coalition they have together."

Power & Politics: Ginny Roth and Dan Moulton Discuss Affordable Housing

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“You can talk about affordable housing and mean a lot of things. You can mean afforable housing for low-income people that's truly subsidized or you can talk about a single family house in Toronto which really is only accessible to the upper middle class,”. Senior Consultant Dan Moulton and National Practice Lead Ginny Roth discuss potential changes to mortgages in the upcoming federal budget.

Power & Politics: Dan Moulton Discusses PM Trudeau's Comments On Tax Credits

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Senior Consultant Dan Moulton was on CBC's Power and Politics discussing the Prime Minister's controversial comments on low-income Canadians paying taxes. "I don't think that tax credits are the only answer to this question... there are far more important programs that governments across the country - including the federal government - deliver that are lifting those people out of poverty."

Power & Politics: Dan Moultan Reacts To Jagmeet Singh's Comments

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"This is not an issue that you should need to clarify your stance on, this is an issue that is pretty cut-and-dry. The current dictator in Venezuela backed by the military is starving his people. There needs to be regime change in that country. Mr. Singh should not be struggling to come up with his party's position on this topic." Senior Consultant Dan Moulton on CBC's Power and Politics discussing NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh's stance on Venezuela.

Power & Politics: Dan Moulton Explains NDP's Low Poll Numbers In Quebec

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Senior Consultant Dan Moulton on CBC's Power and Politics commenting on the NDP's low level of support in Quebec. "This is tracking to be a complete demolition for the NDP - the largest block of their caucus is based in Quebec. This is very, very bad for them..."