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Global News Radio: Ginny Roth discusses Liberals' political crisis

ICYMI: National Practice Lead Ginny Roth was on Global News Radio this morning discussing the Liberals' political crisis with the SNC Lavalin scandal. "From a crisis management perspective, you shine some light on some stuff, you get it out early, and they've now wasted ten days without doing that...every day that goes by is a day that they lose political capital."

Global News: Dan Moulton Discusses The Crisis In Venezuela

Photo by Chris Slupski on Unsplash

More economic sanctions are sort of the easy option, but the problem is that's only going to hurt people that alreay starving, already fleeing the country. Dan Moulton on Global Toronto's The Morning Show, discussing Canada's role in Venezuela and Snoop Dogg's legal battle with the Toronto Maple Leafs.