A thoughtful communications strategy, based on a core narrative, is a critical requirement in any effort to impact public opinion.

We develop strategy for clients using a deliberative or adversarial model, modelling arguments not as they would exist in a marketing and communications environment in the pursuit of market share, but in the chaotic and aggressive world of campaigns.  How you tell your story and where you tell it is often the difference in successfully changing opinion, defending your interests, obtaining approval and mobilizing stakeholders.

Our Strategic Communications Team

Ashton Arsenault  Senior Consultant

Ashton Arsenault
Senior Consultant

Andrew Brander  Senior Consultant

Andrew Brander
Senior Consultant

Jason Clark  Senior Consultant

Jason Clark
Senior Consultant

Gabriela Gonzalez  Consultant

Gabriela Gonzalez

Susie Heath  Senior Consultant

Susie Heath
Senior Consultant

Christine McMillan  Partner

Christine McMillan

Rob Moore  Partner

Rob Moore

Dan Moulton
Senior Consultant

Sarina Rehal  Senior Consultant

Sarina Rehal
Senior Consultant

Chad Rogers  Partner

Chad Rogers

Jaskaran Singh Sandhu  Senior Consultant

Jaskaran Singh Sandhu
Senior Consultant


Our Products and Services

Strategic Communications Planning

We build and execute programs that lead specific audiences to understand and support our client objectives. The key difference from other providers in our industry is a commitment to our primary tenet - strategy before tactic. Communications planning fails when tactics eclipse robust strategic planning. We never recommend a process based on a list of activities. We commit to outcomes, and develop a strategic approach to achieve them. We develop a strategic communications plan for clients using a deliberative or adversarial model, modelling arguments based on the world of political campaigns, audience engagement, and public accountability.

We recognize that effective and compelling communications are a critical requirement in any effort to move public opinion. The strategy deployed to tell a story, and where it is told, is often the difference in successfully changing opinion, defending interests, obtaining approval and mobilizing stakeholders.  Crestview Strategy has experience in advising clients in high stakes, high profile campaigns with communications strategy development and, support in the execution of the strategy. 

Every strategic communications planning exercise Crestview Strategy begins with a comprehensive strategic planning session to identify the vision, the goals and establish clearly defined objectives of the project. The strategic meeting is a full-day practicum with the relevant members of the client’s senior executive team, allowing for in-depth development of a communications strategy.

After this initial engagement, Crestview Strategy drafts a strategic plan, including recommended tactics required to achieve the identified objectives. The plan outlines relevant stakeholders, narrative, and strategic approach. This document allows Crestview Strategy and the client to track successes and, when necessary, respond quickly to assess and modify the approach when and where required. 

Tactically, we work with our clients to implement their strategic plans through the development and provision of a variety of services, including:

  • Messaging Book Development

  • Media Training

  • Spokesperson Services

  • Executive Correspondence

  • Media Relations

  • Speech Writing

  • Event Planning and Execution

  • Investor Presentations

  • Stakeholder Engagement

Media Relations

Crestview Strategy offers a comprehensive service in media relations that spans the four core areas of media product development: shared, earned, owned and paid. For the purposes of this capability offering, we focus on earning high-quality channels led by public opinion leaders in the space of interest to our client. Our efforts are often focused on refining a narrative to the interests of specific media outlets and authors, sharpening messaging for the highest impact and the cleanest hit. Tailored communications to specific opinion makers and shapers consistently leads to an effective and desirable outcome for clients.

Media voices are more decentralized than ever before. Traditional media outlets and platforms have become opinion makers and stakeholders in their own right, and social media has provided a vast network of platforms to transmit messages. Channels are now owned by communicators themselves and can facilitate direct client to consumer relationships

To achieve successful media outcomes, Crestview Strategy works with clients to identify appropriate internal and external spokespeople to deliver effective communications in interviews. We have developed an adaptable curriculum that can be used for a variety of mediums and interview settings, placing spokespeople in high pressure scenarios. We have worked with elected officials, media officers and CEOs to train and prepare for these scenarios with highly effective results. Our training regimen encompasses traditional and non-traditional media engagement where applicable. 

We develop content and craft products that include:

  • News Releases

  • Backgrounders

  • Media Advisories

  • Key Message Sets

  • Background Talking Points

  • Questions and Answers

  • Event Scenarios

  • Social Media Content

  • Content Calendars

  • Opinion Editorials

  • Letters to the Editor

  • Editorial Board Scripts  

Multi-Channel Content/Creative Development & Production

Crestview Strategy manages content development from inception to finished product on behalf of clients.  Team members are experienced in engaging and managing in-house and external graphic design, video production, and other technical specialists to execute final products.  Overseeing from the look-and-feel of development, to draft and edit final copy, whether the medium is a visual infographic or YouTube video.

The content we develop in the direct advocacy category is designed to appeal to opinion leaders and decision makers through the channels most frequently used by them i.e. public policy white papers or written consultation submissions, fact sheets, one-pagers and decks to present client background. It is designed to suit the style of the reader, often shorter and more pointed for officials on tight schedules, and longer and more in-depth for executives tasked with making detailed recommendations. Our approach to all direct advocacy content development is to incorporate appropriate context into communications, taking neutral corporate client documents and applying an advocacy lens. This approach allows us to preserve client brand consistency but tailor content to issue sensitive audiences.

Examples of content we regularly develop for our clients include:

  • Policy Consultation Submissions

  • Master Narrative Documents

  • Policy Proposals

  • Key Messages

  • Questions and Answers

  • Talking Points

  • Letters and Correspondence

  • Meeting Leave-Behinds

  • Presentations

  • Speaking Notes

  • Marketing Copy

  • Web Copy

  • Policy Summaries

  • Campaign Literature Copy

  • Townhall and Teletownhall Meeting Scripts

  • Advertising Copy

  • Social Media posts and Emails

Social Media

Crestview Strategy recognizes that the media landscape hasn’t just shifted, it is constantly changing. The utility of social media extends far beyond the narrower paradigm of traditional media, but is crucial to the way communities organize, interact, and learn. Crestview Strategy focuses social communications campaigns on content development and mobilization, ensuring our campaigns meaningfully engage audiences on their level and in their space. We never expect community members to play on ours, or our clients’ turf. We join them on theirs.  

Crestview Strategy uses unique monitoring tools to collect relevant social media posts from Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, public Facebook posts, Reddit, Renren, Linkedin, more than two billion blogs and over 30 million daily message board posts. The proprietary software that Crestview Strategy uses can identify emerging trends and find new stakeholders in the social media space. Our software tracks social media from over 200 languages and can instantaneously translate them to English. We can also geo-code posts using our software to allow our clients to review where the posts are coming from and at which times during the day. 

Crestview Strategy’s digital engagement approach is to track reach, influence and sentiment of each post relevant to clients, to identify emerging issues before they break and assess the current risk for a company.

Beyond monitoring capabilities, Crestview Strategy is experienced at using social media to drive action in mobilization campaigns. This includes extensive use of online paid media and awareness-building tactics to drive mobilization and awareness for our clients. We have experience using targeted Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram advertising and strategic social media content creation as a key tactic in a comprehensive public opinion outreach campaign.